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Sink Carts

3 Compartment Sink Carts



Here is what the State Of California says

about Sink Carts.


A warewashing sink with at least three

compartments with two integral metal

drainboards must be installed in a Mobil

Food Facility where non-prepckaged

(open) food is cooked, blended, or

otherwise prepared.


The dimensions of each compartment

shall be large enough to accomodate the

cleaning of the largest utensil and either

of the following:



     At least 12" wide x 12" long x 10" deep

     At least 10" wide x 14" long x 10" deep



Each drainboard shall be at least the

size of one of the sink compartments. 

The drainboards shall be installed with

at least 1/8" per foot slope toward

the sink compartment, and fabricated

with a minimum of 1/2" lip or rim to

prevent the draining liquid from spilling

onto the floor.



The sink shall be equipped with a mixing

faucet providing hot and cold water and

shall be provided with a swivel spigot

capable of servicing all sink compartments.



A warewashing sink must be on the primary

Mobil Food Facility unit or on an approved

auxiliary conveyance.  When on an

auxiliary convenyance, the sinks must

be located proximal to the limited food

prepartation cart.



A warewashing sink must be supplied

with hot water under pressure through

a mixing faucet. 



A water heater or an instantaneous

heater capable of heating water to a

minimum of 120 degrees F for utensil

washing. Cold running water must

also be supplied.



A water heater with a minimum

capacity of FOUR gallons shall be

provided for Mobil Food Facilities

conducting any type of food preparation.



The warewashing sink shall be within

the Mobil Food Facility or have

adequate overhead protection made

of wood, canvas, or other

materials that protect the sinks from

bird and insect droppings, dust,

precipitation and other elements.



Other things needed for the sink 

cart are a 15 gallon fresh water tank,

24 gallon waste tank, backflow

preventor for water inlet and

different colored overflow tubing

for water and waste tanks.




        Sink Cart Pictures



           Three compartment sink cart is    

           60" wide x 30" long x 41.5" high





   Back side of the sink cart.  Notice that the

   sink water lines are covered and a shelf

   is provided for display.




    Customizing Sink Carts





  This sink cart was made about 30" longer

  and a Blue Air Merchandiser Display

  refrigerator was added. Many other Sink

  Cart modifications can be made.



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